Monday, July 13, 2009

Hero Arts Web Site and Stuff

First, Hero Arts is revealing their new web site on the 15th. They make beautiful rubber stamps and have fabulous stamping ideas! And they have a a fab blog too!

Chaz and Breezy are out of town at a conference. Actually, they're way outta town! As in outta state and several away. They got to go to a YMCA Christian Values Conference. 5 days in the Blue Ridge Mountains! I'm thinking I wanna go next year!

Summer school will be over Thursday. It's been busier since they have 4 times as many students as they have had in previous years. But I did get a little bit of crafting time. Made some lanyards to sell, a couple necklaces, 130+ tags to write on, and about 20 handmade cards using pictures I took and modified or rubber stamps. They turned out great!

I got to see the last episode of Eli Stone online today. I really enjoyed it. I'm sad that it's over and disappointed that there are no more episodes. Still not sure what to do about my general boycott of ABC.

I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop reading blogs, facebook, listening to music and thinking I really should eat an earlier dinner tonight.

And today, I'm thankful to God for the summer work and believing He will provide the rest of the summer. I'm grateful the kids got the opportunity to go to this conference (and a friend too).

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