Thursday, February 26, 2009

PCs and Macs and other things...

I priced a macbook to use for graphic type stuff and it could be a while before I buy one. A long while.

In the meantime, I think I will upgrade the ram on the Sony and get a wacom tablet of some variety. Found a reasonably priced one and it would be so nice to do modify stuff with a "pen" rather than a mouse. Also, I'll be able to draw with it. That is the best part. I'm a doodler/artist at heart and being able to draw straight to the computer will be a beautiful thing.

Combine that with the printer that I got last weekend, I will be set for a while. I know. Sounds like a lot but not so bad. All told, less than 1/4rd of the cost of the macbook I was looking at.


finishing the post a day later and after my computer at work has been stupid and sent stuff here that shouldn't have been here. *sigh*

Placed an order for a wacom intuos 3 tablet (6x8) and a MSI Wind netbook.

I'm going to find the RAM to upgrade my Sony. I learned tonight that I have 512M of RAM on the computer and need at least 2 Gig!!! No wonder it's locked up so much!

anyway, I'm outta here for now. Kids are staying with Debi tonight.

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