Saturday, February 23, 2008

too much....

to remember it all.

Our tax refund came in. Both Chaz and Breezy got the money I owed them for various things over the last couple months. A and I placed a bead order. Those should come in on Monday. We all tithed on what we received.

I got a new phone, a Moto Q. It wasn't what I went in. I wanted a LG Scoop, but after looking at the things I can do with a Q, I decided to go route. I have to keep an eye on our any time minutes. Normally, we only use 350 of our 1000. Now we only have 500 any time a month. My poor cell phone service though, the battery wouldn't hold a charge... for anything. So they replaced the battery, then they replaced the phone and finally, they put the mother of all batteries (MOAB) on the back of it. It's keeping a charge now. The salesman kept asking if I had ever been struck by lightning. Nope. Been shocked but not by lightning. Guess getting shocked/electrocuted can affect how batteries & watches work around that person. heh.

Later today, I'm headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up the supplies for "Chick Night" at church. I'm going to help the ladies make a bracelet. "A" suggested getting about 10-16 inch strands of beads, 20 charms, and toggles to make 20 bracelets. She said if all the bead strands and charms weren't used, I'd be able to return them. Good idea. I may even look into ordering them from Fire Mountain. Never know.

I've gotten to catch up with a couple friends over the last week. One of them has a beau. I'm excited for her. She's such a sweet lady and so deserving of a wonderful godly man in her life. The other friend has recently suffered a disappointment in her ministry and needed encouragement. I believe that whatever God has for her is bigger than the disappointment. God's time, not ours. That's the hard part.

More later. I'm thinking.


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I just got your note. Sending an email today.