Sunday, October 22, 2006

This will have to do for now. I've spent two hours trying to get this to something that I can stand to look at.

I've discovered that it's past time for me to learn CSS. Way past time.

As for the rest in our lives, Skif turns 14 tomorrow. Talia is 11. I discovered on Friday that they have grown alot. Skif has grown 14" and Talia 11" in the last two years. Whoa!

Our paperwork for a house has been submitted to a loan processor. Please pray for favor. Favor for a lower interest rate and lower payments.

The house is wonderful. We hope to close on the 1st and move in by the 7th. The kitchen will be redone before we move in.

I'll have to pay an extra month rent on the old place but that gives me extra time to really go through what I no longer want and need to get rid of. It will help make sure the new home is in order to start with rather than running around like a chicken with our heads cut off trying to find things.

More later. I think I'll try email posting again (without the phone number this time) tomorrow.

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